ECO-SAFETY SMART Heater                                                                                                              


          Flexheat Corp. has developed its own range of flexible heaters, using our expertise in PTC material combined with patented printing technology.  The Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) functionality enables self-regulation to a specific temperature, offering uniform and flexible heating while increasing safety. 
       Flexheat helps you explore the different possibilities of new flexible heating technologies and guides you from the initial idea to the finished product.


AC/DC Voltage, up to 220 V
•Surface temperature range 40 to 110 °C
•Maximum power density
•Flex endurance
•Minimum ambient temperature -50 °C
•Geometry: 2D and 3D designs possible
•Shape: conformable design allows for custom shapes of almost any size and dimension
•Device thickness 0.3 – 1.0 mm
•Encapsulation : High dielectric material
•RoHS and REACH compliant 

Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters (PTC)

          Electrical resistance of PTC materials will increase as the temperature increases, limiting the current to pass through them. 
Therefore, they will never overheat, melt or burn. They are used to design heating elements that heat quickly to equilibrium temperature and stabilize without external controls. The technology has the potential to increase safety and reliability for a wide variety of heating applications. The elements also can serve as their own sensor – they will produce more power in colder temperatures and reduce the power used automatically as the temperature increases, resulting in a more efficient heating system.

Manufacturing Process

A PTC flexible sheet or roll  is manufactured using melt extrusion technology in high volume.

Typical Heating Behavior